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SANOXY SANOXY_4GLTE-150 4G LTE High Speed Mobile Wi-Fi Portable Mini Router for SIM cards, Wireless 150Mbps cat4 with LCD display, White

  • SANOXY Unlocked 4G lte portable router TDD-LTE,FDD-LTE Cat 4 LTE-A150Mbps High Speed Mobile Wi-Fi. TDD-LTE,FDD-LTE Cat 4 LTE-A150Mbps High Speed Mobile Wi-Fi
  • Sanoxy (LR-113E) 4G mobile Wi-Fi sharing device equipped with a built-in 4G modem, you can directly insert your SIM card create your own Wi-Fi hotspot
  • Frequency Band: TDD-LTE B38,B39,B40,B41/FDD-LTE B2(1900Mhz),B5(850MHZ),B8(900MHz)/GSM B2(1900MHz),B3(1800MHz),B5(850MHz),B8(900MHz) for Verizon, ATT and T-Mobile SIM cards in USA
  • 2000mah with complete 4g band. Works with Verizon, AT&T and T-Mobile SIM cards. Important Note: Must put APN information for telecom service
  • Sharing LTE with team members, up to 10 users access. Multiple devices: Multiple OS. For Smartphone/tablet/laptop/PSP/Xbox. Support IOS/Android/Windows/Linux/Mac system

SANOXY (LR-113E) TDD-LTE,FDD-LTE Cat 4 LTE 150 Mbps High Speed Mobile Wi-Fi Mobile Router LCD Display Removable 2000 mAh Li-ion Battery. NOTE: Must put APN information for Verizon, AT&T; and T-Mobile services. Otherwise LTE router will not work without correct APN settings. Qualcomm Multi-mode Chipset,, Support word mode network, TDD-LTE/FDD-LTE/UMTS/EDGE/GSM. Low-power Energy, endurance 8-10 hours, Small and convenient, easy to take. 1.44' color screen. All status show in the screen. Support SD card (Up to 32 GB) and file sharing via Wi-Fi. Up to 10 users access to Wi-Fi. Rate: 150 Mbps download and 50 Mbps upload. TF Card: Up to 32 GB. SIM Single-SIM. Power bank: 2000 mAh. Port: Power bank USB, Micro. SIZE: 95.0*59.0*13.5 mm Weight: 99g. SANOXY is USPTO protected trademark sold by exclusive sellers to ensure product warranty. View Details

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