free geoip ST122VGA 2-Port VGA Auto Switch Box with Priority Switching and EDID Copy, Black

  • Hassle-free operation, with automatic switching
  • Tidy and professional installation, with included mounting hardware
  • Priority Switching
  • Automatic or Manual Port Selection
  • EDID Emulation

##### Share A VGA Monitor/Projector Between 2 VGA Sources, With Automatic/Priority Switching And EDID Emulation The ST122VGA 2-Port VGA Auto Switcher lets you share a display between two computers and automatically switch to the active source device using configurable priority switching. When the port you have selected as the primary input is turned off, the device automatically switches to the secondary input. For maximum control and versatility, the ST122VGA also offers manual switch control with an easy-to-use button that allows you to toggle between video sources. ![ST122VGA]( Allows a user to switch between two VGA sources manually, automatically when one source powers down or is unplugged, and sets a priority device. View larger ![]( Compact 2 Port VGA switch with EDID copy, priority switch and mounting brackets. View larger ![]( Connect two laptops to a VGA projector. Auto switch will automatically show last laptop connected. View larger ![]( Auto Switching, Compact Design, EDID copy, and emulation. View larger ![]( Support for Resolutions up to 1920 x 1200 / 1080p. View larger ![]( Mounting hardware included. View larger For a convenient setup, the switcher can be powered using the included power adapter or the USB power cable, and features built-in EDID emulation ensuring maximum compatibility with your display or projector and support for resolutions up to 1920 x 1200 / 1080p. #### Product Features And Applications * Share a laptop computer with a projector in boardrooms or trade shows, with automatic switching that ensures there's an active signal displayed on the screen even if the laptop is disconnected * Connect and switch between multiple sources in test bench facilities, data centers, help desks, and video broadcasting facilities * Connect two media players or PCs to your digital signage display, for more versatile messaging options * Priority switching * Automatic or manual port selection * EDID emulation * USB power cable View Details

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