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Cell Phone Repair Kit - with Case - Multipurpose - Computer Tool Kit - Electronics Kit - PC Tool Kit

  • This cell phone repair kit provides all the necessary tools for precision repairs on laptops smartphones and tablets
  • Electronics tool kit has tools to repair smartphones like iPhone / iPad / Samsung Galaxy / HP Chromebook / Lenovo ThinkPad / Acer Chromebook / Macbook
  • T6 Torx screwdriver / Computer repair tool kit / Cell phone repair kit / Computer repair kit / iPhone repair kit / PC tool kit / Computer technician tool kit / Electronics repair kit / Electronics kit / Smartphone repair kit
  • Contains: 2 x Spudger tools;1 x Triangle pry-tool;1 x Set of tweezers;1 x Multi-bit screwdriver;5 x Torx bits (T4, T5, T6, T8, T10);4 x Phillips bits (PH000, PH00, PH0, PH1);3 x Pentalobe bits (P2, P5, P6);2 x Tri-wing bits (TRI0, TRI1);1 x Slot bit (2.0);1 x Hex bit (2 mm);1 x Suction cup;1 x SIM card ejector pin;Storage case

This 23-piece tool kit provides all of the essential screwdrivers, bits, tweezers and spudgers you'll need to repair virtually any smartphone, tablet or laptop. It's the perfect addition to your electronics repair bench, for working on a wide range of mobile devices including iPhone, iPad, Samsung Galaxy, HP Chromebook, Lenovo Think Pad, Acer Chromebook and MacBook. The kit includes: Two spudger tools, as well as a triangle pry-tool and a suction cup that enable you to pry and remove the screen from a tablet or smartphone   A multi-bit screwdriver, with 16 bits that are suitable for opening the most popular smartphones, tablets and laptops, to remove or replace internal board screws and standoffs   A set of tweezers, for positioning small cables, connectors or chips within the housing of your mobile devices   A SIM card ejector pin, that enables you to remove SIM cards from smartphones and tablets A convenient hard-shelled storage case, that provides a neat and tidy storage solution for all of the included tools The CTKRPR is backed by a 2-year warranty and free lifetime technical support. View Details

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