free geoip 2 Port DVI VGA Dual Monitor KVM Switch USB with Audio & USB 2.0 Hub - Dual Monitor KVM Switch DVI and VGA

  • Share a keyboard and mouse as well as 1 VGA and 1 DVI displays between 2 computers
  • Compatible with the ViewSonic VA2446M / 2246M
  • Dual Monitor KVM Switch / Dual Display KVM / DVI VGA KVM / Multi-Monitor KVM
  • Supports resolutions up to 1920x1200. Input Voltage : 110V-240V AC
  • USB 2.0 hub and Mic/Audio ports;This KVM switch supports DVI-D (digital) signaling only and it is recommended wherever possible to use DVI-D cabling across all PC to KVM and KVM to Console connections to ensure proper function.
  • Control 2 dual display computers with a single set of console peripherals
  • Dual system control for a single user workstation with dual monitors, increasing productivity in the office or at home

![SV231DDVDUA Alternate View](https://images-na.ssl-images- High-resolution DVI and VGA ports support almost any dual display scenario; even with one DVI + VGA PC, and one dual DVI PC, an adapter can be used with this KVM to support your configuration ##### 2 Port DVI VGA Dual Monitor KVM Switch USB with Audio & USB 2.0 Hub The SV231DDVDUA 2-port Dual Monitor KVM Switch (DVI+VGA) offers a complete multimedia switching solution, letting users control two Dual Display computers using a single USB mouse and keyboard peripheral set. ##### Product Features & Applications * Direct channel selection and operation using front panel push-button or keyboard hotkeys * Supports a maximum resolution of 1920 x 1200 * OS independent (no drivers or software required) * Independent USB hub and audio switching * Full support for plug-n-play peripherals * Rugged, all-metal chassis for use in harsh environments * Status LED display for easy port status monitoring * USB style keyboard and mouse, plus two other USB peripherals can be shared between up to two computers * Tone indicator for computer switching * Selectable time intervals for auto scan * Rear function key to adjust video strength * HDCP compliant * Supports Dual Monitor/Flat Panel Displays [1 x DVI + 1 x VGA] * Support DDC2B emulation and EDID pass through, which allows the display adapter to recognize and auto configure the display resolution to match the display capabilities * Perfect solution for desktops, workstations and servers with both VGA and DVI-digital ports, allowing a user to take advantage of dual monitor configurations * Ideal for financial/banking industries, graphic designers, engineers, multi-media designers, and industries using CAD/CAM applications, where high resolution dual monitor units are needed * Suitable for use in environments with electromagnetic interference, based on sturdy metal design * Versatile support for setups where one machine is DVI & VGA, and the other is VGA & VGA (with available adapters) ![SV231DDVDUA Alternate View](https://images-na.ssl-images- Integrated USB 2.0 hub and Mic/Audio switching allows the user to have full multimedia control of two computers and share USB peripherals eliminating the expense of duplicate devices ##### Share a Keyboard & Mouse as well as 1 VGA & 1 DVI Displays/Monitors Between 2 Multimedia Computers With support for high-resolution video interfaces, this dual view KVM switch provides one VGA (analog) and one DVI-I port per computer connection, as well as audio switching capability between connected computers. Delivering versatility for virtually any application, the DVI/VGA KVM switch features an integrated 2-port USB hub that allows connected USB 2.0 peripherals to be shared between connected computers, eliminating the need to purchase duplicate peripherals. ![SV231DDVDUA Alternate View](https://images-na.ssl-images- Absolutely no software or drivers required providing a completely OS independent KVM solution ##### 2 Port Dual Monitor VGA + DVI USB KVM switch Suitable for any workspace, the dual monitor KVM switch offers a compact desktop KVM design and features a rugged metal chassis that helps ensure durable performance.Backed by a 3-year warranty and free lifetime technical support. Please Note: While both DVI-I (analog mode) and DVI-D (digital only) are supported by the KVM, both source PCs must output the same signal type for proper switching. It is recommended wherever possible to use DVI-D cables across all PC to KVM and KVM to Console connections. If necessary, please contact our technical support team for assistance identifying your source. View Details

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